Defensive Handgun Training With My Teenage Daughter | My Review of the Front Sight 4 Day Course

I’ve taken my daughter shooting before, but with her steadily getting closer to college and a bigger, scarier world, she agreed to let me take her down to the 4 Day Defensive Handgun Training at Front Sight Firearms Academy. Not only would it give us an awesome one-on-one road trip but, having been to Front Sight a few times, I knew it would give her a solid foundation to safely handling firearms.

This is not a paid review and I’m not a fan boy for Front Sight (to be honest, the marketing emails drive me crazy). I just happened to go to Front Sight with some friends a few years back and was very impressed. This video is my review of their service to first-time shooters. I always suggest that gun owners find good, competent firearms training from any reputable facility

Per Front Sight policy, no video was taken on property so still shots (and some burst series photos) are provided to convey the experience.

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