OSIGS Trauma Kit by OTAC | Small Enough To Grab and Go

First aid training and supplies are far too often overlooked when we first starting into emergency preparedness. We love to spend time training at the range (I can still smell the gun powder on my hands from this morning), but how often do we have a trauma kit with us when we’re around firearms? Not to mention camping, hiking or, given current events, at work or at the park?

I recently got my hands on the compact but versatile OSIGS Trauma Kit from OTAC Total Trauma Solutions, and I’m in love. It combines some key elements into a grab-and-go form factor, which means you can have some piece of mind in a lot more places. What’s even better is that OTAC throws in a tourniquet and gives you a choice between the CAT, the RATS, or the SOF T. *Update* OTAC will now also throw in a NASO / NPA tube. They also have a Hero Program, offering free lifetime tourniquet replacement if yours is used to save a life.

OTAC is a veteran-owned business and you can tell they have listened to their customers and taken the time to vet the gear they offer. Do yourself a favor and check out their trauma kits below.


OTAC Trauma Kits:
Trauma Kits


* Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and this video is only meant to discuss the OSIGS pack and share information I have learned through training and research. It is not to replace competent, professional training*

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