Bugging Out Has Never Been So Cool | Tour of Borderland Trailers

We LOVE camping as a family…the more remote the better. The problem is the amount of gear we always have to pack for car camping. We don’t want an RV because 1) they are hard to get to remote locations and 2) you don’t really get the feel of camping. I’ve been looking at enclosed trailers to keep our gear packed and ready to go – both for easy camping as well as a quick bug-out option but I recently came across Borderland Trailers.

They not only hold your gear, but have extended stay options that take adventure or bugging out to a whole new level: extendable kitchen, built in shower, water filtration, solar, propane, built in tent…you get the picture. Definitely not “cheap”, but still less than an RV and incredibly innovative.

Check out their website here (and tell them Prepped For Life sent you):

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