Emergency Dome Shelter from Harvest Right | Set Up and Review

As you know, we LOVE testing and reviewing shelters on this channel and this one was no exception. I’ve seen a few of these geodesic dome shelters on the market, but I haven’t seen any this easy to set up.

This emergency shelter from Harvest Right (you may know them from their freeze dryer machines) focuses on long-term reliability, while giving a relatively simpler set up — push button spring snaps rather than nuts and bolts. As we talk about in the video, this is not a weekend camping tent and definitely not a backpacker, coming in at around 230 lbs. Starting just below $3,000 it’s also not a Walmart special…but that’s not what this shelter is about.

What it is, is a very sturdy and roomy, semi-permanent shelter. The structure can withstand amazing weight and wind, while the fabric and even the stitching are UV resistant, allowing it to stay up for months, if needed.


Emergency Shelters by Harvest Right:

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