Car EDC: His and Hers | What Should You Be Considering?

I was getting the family ready for a trip this weekend…what a great time to talk about car bags!

In America, we spend a surprising amount of time in our cars, between daily commute, running errands, and various trips. This makes emergency preparedness just as important in our cars as it is at home. The difference is the focus. Rather than a 72 hour kit to get you through a disaster at home, you should consider the areas you drive in and what you would need if your car broke down.


LA Police Gear Shooting/Bug Out Bag

Kershaw Barricade (emergency rescue knife)

Millennium Energy Bars

Gatorade Packets

Nuun Hydration Tablets

Sabre Gel Pepper Spray

First Aid Kit

Emergency Blankets

Aqua Blox Emergency Water

Jumper Cables

Car Jump Starter

Basic Roadside Kit

3 Day Backpack (LA Police Gear)

Katadyn Pocket Water Filter

Sawyer Mini Water Filter (Cheaper, smaller, HIGHLY recommended)

CamelBak Omega Reservoir

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