Borderland Trailer Field Test | 3 Days Overlanding In the Cache National Forest

You may have watched my first video on the Borderland Trailer: Unfortunately, they didn’t have a finished model for us to look at when we visited so they asked us to take one out for a weekend. So we linked up with some friends to hit the Cache National Forest and float down the river nearby. The trailer has an amazing amount of space and the placement of everything is very well-thought-out.

We have been car camping for years and, immediately, I realized how much effort we’ve been putting in. We have each of the elements that the trailer offers: packable space in my truck bed, a stove, solar power, a water filter, a tent, an awning, etc…but the beauty of an overland trailer is how simple it makes all of those things. Not only do you have an amazing amount of storage space – where you can keep most of your camping gear pre-packed – but your camp is set up in a matter of minutes AND with the solar and water filter, I can stay out for an extended period of time. I’m still not an RV person because I enjoy the rough elements of camping, but I think this trailer is a perfect mix of adventure and ease of use.

I’m not being paid for my review and I can honestly say that this is an awesome piece of gear.


Check out their website here (and tell them Prepped For Life sent you):

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