Harvest Right Freeze Dryer: Set Up and Review

We got ahold of a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer for a couple of weeks to test out and review. Freeze drying takes all of the water out of the food, making it storable for a much longer period of time (many foods can store for 25 years when freeze dried). Freeze dried food is becoming more and more popular among hikers and campers, as well as preppers, and is now sold by many companies such as Mountain House, Wise, Backpacker’s Pantry, Emergency Essentials, etc.

In this video, we’ll walk you through the initial setup of the machine, as well as the process to freeze dry your own food. We’ll show you the things we learned along the way, between ideal machine placement, maintenance, etc.



Harvest Right Freeze Dryers:

Bulk Freeze Dried Food Supply Options:

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3 thoughts on “Harvest Right Freeze Dryer: Set Up and Review

  1. Wow! That was so interesting. Those trays are also larger than I initially thought. I’ve always wanted one of these but had a hard time getting over the cost. So thanks for the demonstration.

    Also, how did you seal your freeze dried food in your jars? Did you vacuum seal it?


    1. Thanks for checking it out! We just put the product into a mason jars and I was surprised to find out that the oxygen absorber packets will actually seal the jars – even a second and, sometimes, third time.

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