Gun Basics: Clearing a Type 1 Malfunction | How to Set Up and Practice

** Disclaimer: I am not an expert and this video is not a substitute for good, professional training. I am providing tips based on the training I have received in the hope you find it useful**

This week, we’re going to start looking at hand gun malfunction drills, starting with clearing a Type 1: Failure to Feed. The indication is a distinct “click” instead of a “bang” when pressing the trigger. Without the discharge of a round which racks the slide, the gun is basically an expensive paper weight.

To remedy:
1. Trigger finger goes straight
2. Support hand taps the bottom of the magazine
3. Support hand racks the slide, while tilting the gun toward the ejection port

To setup for practice at the gun range:
1. Eject the magazine
2. Rack the slide ejecting the round, if any, and resetting the trigger
3. Insert a loaded magazine, leaving the chamber empty
4. Point in on target, press the trigger and get a click


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