Scar Blades Longbow and Longbow Extreme: Big Thumbs Up!

I recently got ahold of the Longbow and Longbow Extreme from Scar Blades. These are both brand new designs, not even up on the website at the time of this video. Both an outstanding design, the differences between the two are subtle: in addition to some added texture on the handle, the Extreme version jumps from a 3/16″ thickness on the blade to a full 1/4″. Made from 1095 High Carbon steel and coming with a razor edge, either model can be ordered with various finishes and colors (the blades featured on this video have an OD Green Gunkote finish).

Given the size, weight, and feel in the hand, I feel that this model offers an amazing balance between a tough work knife and an elegant hunter. It’s quickly becoming my favorite


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