Worth The Cost? Ozark Trail 73qt High Performance Cooler vs Igloo Maxcold Island Breeze 62 qt

If you watch my channel, you know we do a lot of camping and so coolers are pretty important to us. We’ve been thinking a lot lately about upping our cooler game, but I’ve been hesitant to buy a high performance cooler based on the cost (the Yeti’s are around $500 for the size we would need!)

So I picked one up from our local Walmart for $197 to test out. I realize that there are a lot of Yeti and Rtic fans out there but, as far as I can see, they all seem to perform about the same. My real question is: is it worth the money to upgrade? In this video, I’ll test my best Igloo Maxcold Island Breeze 62 qt against the Ozark Trail High Performance 73 qt. At more than 4 times the price for the “knock off”, does it perform THAT much better?


Ozark Trail 73 Qt High Performance Cooler

Ozark Trail 52 Qt High Performance Cooler

Rtic 65 Qt Cooler

Yeti 75 Qt Cooler

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